I have been engaged in some form of creating since I was a child. Whether it was drawing, painting, crafting, building a imagined world, or proving mathematical statements, I was creating.

I continue to evolve as an artist by exploring different styles and media.  I have been painting and drawing since university as a way to relieve stress and to stay engaged with art. I have become more serious about painting in the past five years, recently having moved away from realism painting in oils to abstract expressionism in acrylics.

Abstract expressionism has allowed me to put images to my feelings; to express emotion in a way I haven’t been able to before; and to go from the dark to the light. It has freed a part of me that has been bottled up for many years.

My hope is that, in my paintings, you see corners of your inner self that might not otherwise be expressed, and that, through these paintings, you may explore your emotions and feelings.